ISO 22000- Food Safety Management System
(Lead Implementer)

ISO 22000 lead implementer training e-learning course gives complete knowledge about implementing ISO 22000:2018 Food safety management system standard, and benefits of implementing ISO 22000, its procedures and much more.



This ISO 22000 lead implementer training online course is specifically designed for those who want to become certified ISO 22000 lead implementer. Globally, implementation of food safety management system is now considered vital for any organizations in food industry sector.  The course includes in detail an overview of ISO 22000:2018 standard and HACCP as well as ISO 22000 principles. This course also includes complete information on all the elements, requirements and benefits of Food safety management system (FSMS), list of documented information based on ISO 22000:2018, risk management, steps for implementation of ISO 22000 and its certification, etc. This ISO 22000 lead implementer training online course will help managers and employees of all types and sizes of organizations, as well as food safety professionals and individuals anywhere in the world to get the knowledge necessary to implement food safety management system based on ISO 22000:2018 International Standards. Upon successful completion of ISO 22000 lead implementer training online, the participants will gain complete knowledge of FSMS (ISO 22000) and a certificate with the Exemplar Global logo.



The ISO 22000 lead Implementer training – online course comprises the following four sections:

  1. Lectures
    The lectures are given in the following sessions in the form of presentations with explanatory audio to understand the subject.
    • Session – 1 :Overview of food safety management system and ISO 22000:2018 Standards
    • Session – 2 :ISO 22000:2018 Principles
    • Session – 3 :Introduction to HACCP
    • Session – 4 :ISO 22000:2018 Requirements
    • Session – 5 :ISO 22000:2018 Documented Information
    • Session – 6 :Risk Management
    • Session – 7 :Steps for ISO 22000:2018 Certification
  1. Handouts
    For all the above listed sessions, handouts in more than 150 pages are given in .pdf format. The participant of this ISO 22000 lead implementer training can save the handouts in their computer and print it or read it offline to get detailed knowledge on the subject. It includes the following key documents that help users to use them as ready referral tools.

1.            Food Safety Manual

2.            Procedures

    • Procedure for HACCP Plan

3.            Sample Forms

      • Format for Cleaning and Sanitation Report
      • Format for Production Plan
      • Format for Sample Test Request Slip
      • Format for Training Report

4.            Sample Filled Risk Assessment sheet

5.            Sample Filled Hazard Analysis Report

6.            List of Documents required for ISO 22000 certification

  1. Videos
    This part of training provides online training video tutorials of more than 300 Minutes total on all-important sessions of this course; delivered by an experienced tutor.
  2. Exams
    In this course, total of seven-session exams and one final exam are given. After passing all the exams, the participants can download and print their ISO 22000 lead implementer training certificate.



After completion of this ISO 22000 lead implementer training online course, you will be able to:

  • Get an overview of ISO 22000:2018 standards, including the high-level structure of these international standards.
  • Know Principles of ISO 22000.
  • Understand the HACCP principles.
  • Understand the requirements of ISO 22000:2018
  • Understand the ISO 22000 Documented Information needed for implementing the integrated system.
  • Know the risk management process in detail.
  • Familiarize with the steps for ISO 22000 certification.



This ISO 22000 lead implementer training course is designed for working professionals, college students, and other individuals for enhancing their career to new heights. Our e-learning courses help them to succeed in today’s competitive environment, to renew licenses, and to update, strengthen and add quality to their existing knowledge and skills. Our courses are also useful for those who want to get a certification or start a new profession.

Any employees or managers of organizations in any industry sector who want to implement a food safety management system – based on ISO 22000:2018 in their organization should enrol this online course. If you are working as a Food safety professional, HACCP and food system consultant or a student, an entrepreneur, or an individual looking for certified ISO 22000 Lead Implementer training, Enrol Now!



This e-Learning course is provided with study materials and you can read it after your log in or download (PDF format). Use the study materials to reinforce key points and to keep a reminder of what you already learned as well as you can save it in your computer for future reference. The access of this study material is removed after exam is cleared and on line certificate is prepared for the student.


This training program includes the Course Certificate that is issued upon course completion and passing the session exam as well as final exam given in the course with minimum 60% marks. The option to reappear in the exam is also given to student to get this course certificate.

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