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Best Practice, Independent Certification Body

Certfort Limited is a Best Practise service provider established in 2019 to empower organizations to get it right at first attempt, which enables them to stay ahead in the market and exceed their corporate objectives.

We are an independent certification body, poised to be one of the fastest-growing certification bodies in Africa. The Certfort team consists of highly experienced professionals offering the latest in systems and product certifications and quality improvements.


Number of Professional Certifications Obtained by our Consultants.


Number of Consulting and Training Man-Days Accumulated.

A pool of professionals with about two decades of experience spanning start-ups to multinational/ conglomerates in Nigeria and Africa

We serve our clientele by providing independent Certification, Education, Auditing and Risk Management solutions to ensure that our clients comply with relevant industry standards on information security, quality, health, safety, and environmental management systems.

Our service, therefore, enables organizations to improve performance, reduce risk, and achieve accelerated growth.

Additionally, our partners, consultants, subject matter experts, and specialists are competent, customer-focused, result-oriented, and are always available to deliver first-class services in diverse sectors of the economy.

Why We Came into Existence

To provide Internationally-Recognized Certification Services to All Entities.


To be the Certification Business Partner of Choice in Nigeria and across Africa.


Raising the Standard of Products and Services Produced on the Continent.


Our Values are Our Backbone; They Fuel Our Passion.

Why Certfort?

Deciding in favor of Certfort is quite straightforward, here are significant reasons why should consider us before any other service provider:

Value Delivery
Continued Relationship
Customer Focus
Experienced Consultants & Auditors

The Management Team’s Experience

Our team has actively participated in over 50 certification consulting projects in Nigeria and across Africa.

To do this effectively, the team draws on its over twenty [20] years’ experience of successfully providing ICT Leadership, Management, and Operational guidance to the Financial, Telecommunication, Oil/Gas, Technology, and Government establishments.

Over the years, our principals have distinguished themselves through activities such as: Aligning IT & business strategies; Bringing a boardroom perspective to IT; Defining the IT governance, strategy, risk, policies, and processes to guide organizations in the selection, deployment, and optimization of their core information technology assets.