EU GDPR- Certified Data Protection Officer Training


The necessity of protecting data is greater than ever, as it is becoming absolutely essential for every organization. In addition to violating people’s fundamental rights, failing to follow data protection regulations can result in dangerous situations that could seriously damage an organization’s credibility, reputation, and financial situation. This is where your qualifications as a data protection officer will be useful.

You will be able to master the DPO role and become qualified to inform, advise, and monitor compliance with the GDPR and collaborate with the supervisory authority based on practical exercises.


After completion of this EU GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training e-learning course, the user will be able to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements of EU GDPR in detail.
  • Know about the requirements to demonstrate compliance with GDPR articles.
  • Understand the documentation required by GDPR.
  • Understand processing activities and how to become GDPR compliant.
  • Get the knowledge of DPO basics and the role of the DPO.Familiarize yourself with GDPR principles in detail.



This e-Learning course is provided with study materials; you can read it after logging into your account and downloading the materials in a PDF format. Participants can use the study materials to reinforce key points and to keep a reminder of what they have learned as well as save it on their computer for future reference. The access to this study material would be removed after the exam is cleared and an online certificate has been issued to the participant.



This training program includes the Course Certificate that is issued upon course completion and after a candidate has passed the session exam as well as the final exam given in the course with a minimum of 60% marks. The option to rewrite the exam is also given to the student to get the course certificate.

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